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Vascular Surgery Review

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Welcome to Vascular Surgery Review ...

Hello. I was looking for a comprehensive study guide for vascular surgery boards and found none. Hence I cobbled up these "notes to self" that my friends found useful.
Sharapov Anton Andreevich

It certainly helped me with the Canadian and American Board of surgery Vascular Boards, as well as RPVI exam. These notes will also be valuable for recertification purposes.
Aortorenal bypass for ruptured renal artery aneurysm

Here is my disclaimer - this is ALL borrowed knowledge - from books, my mentors, friends, foes and a bit of personal experience - attempted to arrange in an orderly fashion for review stuff. It is FULL of misspellings, grammatical errors and, possibly, erroneous diatribes on the subject of Vascular surgery.

If you are one of the unwitting contributors that I relied upon to create these review notes, do let me know if you feel that your copyrights were violated.

For a time being, I removed an ability to edit the manuscripts until I iron out the irregularities and sort out controversial areas. This may change in the future.
Ruptured renal artery aneurysm
As of May 12, 2009 you may print out PDF documents.


Anton Sharapov, MD
RPVI, FRCS(C), American Board of Surgery and Royal College of Surgeons of Canada certification in General, Vascular and Endovascular surgery

If you have a comment, please let me know.

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Anton Sharapov, MD
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Enjoy and Have a great day!

I'd like to thank my brother, Ilia Charapov, MD, Anesthesiologist by day, maverick web designer extraordinaire by night, who created this site. His lame but true to reality poetry featured at the bottom of this page cuts me to the deep with realization that I may have chosen the wrong area of medicine and betrayed family tradition... oh well..."to each his own"...

"... listen to the surgeons' stomachs grumbling ... eleventh-hour peroneal bypass ... all the anesthesiologists gone home by now ... lonely rabbit on the road ..."
Ancient Japanese Heiku

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